Organic Hempseed Oil 100 ml


What is the truth about hemp and specifically the in vogue hemp seed oil?
Is it a worthy fat to be mixing into smoothies, drizzling on salads and mixing with other foods as some within the healthfood community are widely practicing?

Or is this an example of a popular fat like rice bran oil (used by Chipotle) or pumpkin seed oil, which has gotten widespread TV coverage without any true substantiation of the benefits to health?

History of Hemp Seed Oil
Hemp is thought to originate around ten thousand or so years ago in Asia, especially in and around the modern day region of Taiwan. People’s love for the plant makes a great deal of sense. While many plants take from the soil, hemp gives, gives some more, and then gives again!

The hemp plant can transform marginal land and soil, and over many years of cultivation, turn it into excellent growing spaces. At the same time, the plant itself produces material suitable for paper, clothing, and building materials. These uses were documented by the ancient Chinese around 6,000 B.C. Hemp was versatile and used in the production of a wide variety of products from bows and arrows to ancient medicines