Home Remedies Series Neem.

Home Remedies Series Neem.

The word Neem is delivered form the Sanskrit Nimba which means to bestow health - which signifies the great therapeutic value of this plant.

All parts of neem plant have medicinal properties and used extremely in Indian traditional systems of medicine. 1. What is Neem?

Neem is the term used to refer to extracts or products derived from the Neem tree, native to the Indian sub-continent and used for centuries in Indian culture and the associated Ayurvedic medicine tradition.

All parts of the Neem tree have been used for healthcare.
and seeds provide us with neem oil and neem seed extracts, leaves are used as extracts and the bark of the neem tree has been used as a traditional toothbrush! Whilst part of the Ayurvedic medicine tradition, neem based products are readily available in the UK and Ireland, as well as many parts of the developed world.