Easy Read Book Holder

Holds books up to 42 cm wide and 4.7 cm thick Suitable for paper and hard backed books
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Easy-read the Book holder: The ergonomic book holder that makes your reading experience more pleasurable...

The world's most versatile book and document holder. Easy-read allows you to read in real comfort, without the aching hands and the discomfort that you usually experience holding your book open.

Its patented design makes it incredibly versatile and it can be used for extensive applications.

It is also invaluable to students by holding text books or documents allowing full comfort and concentration as well as freeing desk space.

Holds books up to 42cm wide and 4.7cm thick. 
Firmly holds back pages
Suitable for paper and hard backed books
Exclusive tripod design
Adapts to even and uneven surfaces
Adjustable reading angle
Quick and easy page turning
Small, lightweight and portable
Easy-read the Document Holder: The exceptional 'space saving' document holder for loose copy and magazines... The base and computer monitor attachment turn easy-read is into an outstanding 'loose copy' document holder which holds multiple documents of different sizes and takes a tiny amount of space when not being used.

Holds documents up to US Tabloid / UK A3
Firmly grips over 200 sheets

User friendly one touch angle adjustment
Takes minimal desk space when not in use
Also attaches to computer screen
Space saving design