Natural Soap Aleppo, Syria 20 percent of Laurel and Olive Oil

New types of traditional handcutted Aleppo Soaps:

The small Laurel Soaps are handily, square shaped and of 100g weight, natural careful manufactured, traditional handcutted, dried and matured 6 - 9 month.

The main ingredient olive oil has wonderful, mild skincare characteristics, refines with laurel oil and excellent antiseptic attributes, composes an ideal combination of soap.


Aleppo Laurel Soaps have special skin-friendliness, care and nourish dermal smooth and soft and are recommendable for all skin types, even delicate skin.

The higher percentage of laurel oil, the more intense the fragrance and the worth of soap.

1. Traditional classical type, 84% olive oil and 16% laurel oil.

2. Extra precious type, 68% olive oil and 32% laurel oil Both kinds of soap are single packed in quadratic boxes, printed with information in English, French and German language.

Aleppo soap manufactured of olive oil in its traditional form and cut manually. Weight of the piece: 200g آ± 10g With or without laurels oil and in different ratios: 0-2-4-8-16-24
Aleppo soap 20% bay laurel oil - Saryana - 200 gr